Knitted String bag

[color=indigo]Has anyone ever knitted a string bag with, say, crochet cotton? A crochet pattern is on label with CC yarns, but I am wondering about knitting it.

Would a traditional string bag be a difficult crochet project? I am just beginning to learn to crochet.


Could you define “string bag”? Do you want a mesh bag?


I just knitted two string bags with the worsted weight 100% cotton (the Sugar 'N Cream stuff). They were fun, easy, and went quick! I got the pattern from Sally Harding’s book, “Fast Knits - Fat Needles” (ISBN 1571203117).

[color=indigo]The bag is often called a “French string bag.” It is actually for carrying groceries.

That is a beautiful string bag you posted! :cheering: What size needles did you use?