Knitted squares - design


Hiya, i hope this works. Newbie knitter and a vit of a techphobe !!
I thought i would start with knitting squares. Then stitxh or crochet them together. ( i cant crochet yet) But not quite sure how to make a pattern that looks good. Are there rules to make the blanket look ok ?
They are just plain squares and only have 4 colours.
Am i thinking too much ?? Cheers Jen


Welcome to the wonderful world of yarn arts! I am a yarn addict myself :scream: I think the sky is the limit as far as your imagination takes you. When I first started knitting I made dish rags to learn the different stitches and how to read patterns. I would just suggest making your squares the same size so it’s easier to put them together. It will be less frustrating and less likely to scare you away before you finish. Best of luck and have fun… Rose


Thank you Rose. I have all the squares knitted. All 58 of them but how it’s just setting a pattern. Have been playing around with them and trying to get away from symmetry. And then would you see them together or crochet ?? Questions questions sorry Jen


I guess it would depend on what you want it to look like. I can crochet better and faster than I can sew… so my preference would be to crochet but hey, who am I to say? I’m drawn to symmetry and even numbers. Maybe try both ways with a couple blocks and see what you like best. Mix and match, go crazy and be sure to post a pic of your finished product… maybe you’ll inspire me to work outside of my box :upside_down_face:


Oh yes… my husband is the symmetry one. I like random !! Will let you know thanks x