Knitted shoulder bag

I need a pattern for a knitted shoulder bag, not felted. I need this for a summer purse. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Big, small more information please

These bags are hard to find everything is crocheted :shrug: but see if you like one of theses

How about that Petunia bag that Christy’s doing in her KAL? It’s in the most recent Interweave Knits magazine, and it’s super cute!

i second the petunia tote! i am in on the KAL but have not started yet so i cannot attest to how difficult the bag is to make but i am soooo excited for my yarn to come so i can get started. supposed to be here tomorrow!!!

There is an amazing one in the new Interweave Spring.

That’s the Petunia bag.


Here are a few patterns and websites that I’ve found:

I’m totally going to knit this one, it’s lovely:

Hope you find something you like.


This isn’t a shoulder bag, but I knit up two of these and they knit up really fast and are so cute:

There’s a darling one I’m thinking of making in the Spring 2007 copy of Knit It!. It isn’t the one on the cover. It’s on page 45 in the magazine. The model sample is knit in a bright turquoise blue cotton yarn (Lion Brand). I just :heart: it, and it’s just the right size, too.