Knitted ruffle edge?

Im prefecting my soaker pattern, and I cant for the life of me remember if I know how to knit a ruffled edge around the lef opening… I can crochet, but I cant find my STINKIN needle!!

HELP! I dont want to ruin this one, and I dont want to go to the store, and there are NO KIDS OR HUSBAND here to bother me if Iget frustrated trying a new tech out!!!

I am sitting here trying to put a ruffle on the punk soaker pattern myself. I gooogled ruffled edge and came up with picking up 4x the number of stitches you want, then K2tog for the first round, K2tog for the second round. I did it, but in binding off, there was no ruffle, rather the BO edge was too tight. So I frogged it, and figured I would try searching here.

I too found the crochet idea, but I don’t know how to do it. If you come up with an idea that works, can you please let me know ?

If you’re picking up from the leg opening, pick up stitches evenly spaced for your gauge. Then increase in each stitch on the next round. You can either increase on the next round or leave it plain and increase on the one after that and so on until you end up with 4 times the number of stitches you started with. Then bind off.


Thank you ! Of course that makes sense now. I was doing just the opposite, so now I am off to put your suggestion to my needles.