Knitted Ripple Blanket

I am trying to knit a Ripple stitch blanket. I don’t want to do a Feather and Fan, I want it to be more solid and not so lacy since this is for a boy baby. I thought I found the perfect pattern but after :hair: I finally figured out there is a mistake in the pattern row. It reads:*K2tog, k3, k into the front and back of next stitch, k3 SKP; repeat from *. I see there are two decreases in the row with only one increase. Can anyone help me figure out where the other increase should go. I have looked at this so long that my brain feels like pidgeon poop.

what is the scond row of the pattern? is the extra increase in that to balance it back out?

Is the SKP a slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over?

which pattern are you using? the ripple pattern i have used previously is different (it uses YOs for the increases), so i’m not sure, but i think you are right and their shoud be another increase somewhere.

I think you may be missing another kfb, look at the pattern again. Or if you can post a link to it…

I was just typing out the instructions to the pattern when I realized where my mistake is. I was doing a knit front and back, but on closer examination it is knit front, back, front. DUH I feel so silly. :aww:

Ahhh, well at least you found the extra increase.

easy to miss. glad you found it again.

I too am trying to knit a ripple baby blanket from free pattern I found online. It’s called “Easy Ripple Baby Blanket” you cast on 108 stitches, row 1 is knit, row 2 starts with a border, then says:

row 2 - 3 border stitches, (K2tog. K6, YO,
K1, YO, K6, K2 tog. twice, K6, YO, K1, YO,
K6, K2 tog), repeat () twice more, K 3 for border. My stitches are not coming out, I have stitches left over!!! Has anyone made this before.

Thanks for you advice and help.

It’s a common pattern and should come out. You do 3 repeats of the () altogether, there should be 34 sts in each one and you may want to put a marker after each repeat.

Yes, I finally figured out MY problem, I was trying to knit the entire pattern twice, instead of the K2 tog. twice. Then the entire pattern. When I finally stood back and looked at the pattern again I read it correctly. I guess I was reading TOO much into the pattern. LOL !!! Maybe I shouldn’t be knitting…

Thanks again,

Yeah, this is printed oddly, the real pattern repeat is - K2tog, K6, YO, K1, YO, K6, K2 tog - which you would do 6 times and when you repeat it, you would be doing the k2tog twice anyway. Don’t know why they combined 2 repeats, maybe to avoid a copyright infringement or something.

Yes, it was confusing to me too until I typed out the pattern and really read it several times. I also didn’t like having the knit row repeated. So I just omitted the K row and I really like the way it looks, having the pattern row and the P row. Thanks

I modify patterns all the time too. Knitting is very customizable.