Knitted purse out of blue Jeans

I am just about done with my VERY first pair of socks.:happydance:

After I finish it I am going to start on this BlueJean Purse.

I really want/need to find a pattern for my MMMalabrigo yarn that I have.

Nice socks! That purse is pretty neat, too!

I’d never mqke it because I don’t sew AT All. But I think the purse is adorable!

Cute socks! I think the purse is an interesting way to recycle blue jeans. I can’t wait to see your FO!

Very cute socks. The purse looks fun too!

Loved the jean purse. I am working on a prayer shawl for my sister in law and also a pair of socks that have been so fun to see coming out and looking like real socks. I am a new knitter so I am so excited to be making things. :happydancing:

Nice socks. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see that blue jean purse!

i would like to make this
either it is to early in themorning or my brain isnt working
keeping in mind that i cant sew for the life of me
could anyone explain this pattern
any help would be appreciated
meanwhile i have pinted the pattern and i will try reading it again
thank you

Sylvia, what part are you having problem with?

I got me 4 pairs of jeans, at a second hand store… cost me 4.50 for all 4. I got one pair in RED…=) Now I am cutting them into strips. I went to Wal-mart and got me a circle scissors that they use for quilting. I love them.

After you cut the jeans… you knot them into one big long piece so you can wind it into a ball. (I am not going to do that, I am going to sew each piece to each other)

The only parts that need to be sew. Is the waist band, and the handles. If you have a sewing machine that will work great, or you could just hand sew it.

If you want to put a liner in the purse you could sew it by hand or Machine.

thats better
told you it was to early in the morning for me to think
have lots of jeans i dont like anymore
butt wont get into them
thanks for you reply

those socks are looking great!
i really like that purse. i could so make about a dozen of those with jeans that are still in my closet [SIZE=“1”]for what reason exactly?[/SIZE]! :rofl: :rollseyes:

I have jeans like that one size up and one size down… don’t get to wear the one size down to much…:rofl::rofl: I am hoping to get into them after my Tummy tuck… I hope any way…:teehee::teehee:

now you can use all the one size ups because you won’t need them anymore!!! :cheering:

:happydancing: Great socks and let us know how the purse turns out.