Knitted Pig Pattern

Does anyone happen to have a pattern for a knitted pig. My grandma loves pigs and I would love to knit her one.

So far this is what I have been able to find.

There are other patterns but they were crochet.

I am sure somebody else will come up with loads more.

That pig is lovely, I have printed it off! My youngest sister has a pet Kunekune pig, I am going to make her a dark grey one for Christmas.

I just had to google Kune Kune. the babies are just adorable.

That is really cute, I have to make it!!!

I found these two through ravelry (links are not to rav, but to the PDFs of the free pattern:

I made the Lola Pig from the first link in the above post not very long ago (less than a month). It took me 1.5 days, and that was just knitting when I didn’t have to meet the demands of a 4-year-old. Here’s the picture:

Here is a cute one…

Wow! That looks great…how big is it?

that is so cute!!!

My dd gave it to her daycare teacher the day after it was made (I said it was okay), so I don’t know how big it was, but I would guess about 14 in long – not counting the tail.


how did you do the M1 in the body. I am trying to figure out how to M1 and was curious how you did?

Is it terrible that I’m not 100% sure what I used? LOL. I’m fairly certain that I used M1L and M1R throughout though. Almost positive.
There are videos of M1’s on the video page if you need help making them.

What about a pig purse? I found a pattern by Noni called “Year of the Pig” Bag. You can make a pink pig or a black & white pot bellied one. These are felted & adorable when finished.

This link is one that I found on ravelry. I didn’t take pictures of the ones I made & gave away.

That lola curley pig would make a wonderful hedgehog if one knitted a loop or chenille type stitch on the back part.