pattern help


I found a pattern for a men’s sweater online and I would like to knit it for a friend, but I’m having some trouble understanding the measurements for the finished garment.

This is what the pattern says:

To fit chest sizes 91-97 (102-107) (112-117) (122-127) (132-137) cm/36-38 (40-42) (44-46) (48-50) (52-54) in.

The following measurements are after the garment has been washed.

Actual measurements 108 (116) (127) (135) (143) cm/42 1/2 (45 1/2) (50) (53) (56 1/4) in.

Length to shoulder 68.5 (69.5) (70.5) (71.5) (72.5) cm/27 (27 1/4) (27 3/4) (28) (28 1/2) in.

I’m confused about the “chest size measurements” and the “actual measurements” after washing. Does this mean that after washing the chest size of the sweater will increase, and if so do I knit the sweater based on the “actual measurements”? Or do the “actual measurements” refer to another measurement entirely? Also, if I’m understanding it correctly, the “length to shoulder” measurement refers to the length of the sweater from the bottom to the top of the shoulder, right?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


The chest size is the measurement of the person for whom you’re knitting. The actual size is the knitted measurement of the sweater. The difference between the two is the looseness or positive ease with which the sweater fits. You’ll be knitting to the actual measurement of the sweater.

Yes, length to shoulder is measured from the bottom of the sweater to the top of the shoulder. There may be a schematic that shows this.

I see. So they’ve given the chest size for people to choose which set of measurements to follow, and the actual measurements is just to inform them of the fit of the sweater once it’s finished?

Yes, you could choose a tighter looser fit if you wished.

Great. Thanks for your help!