Knitted Passport Holder

Does anyone know where I can find a pattern to knit a passport holder? My mom, husband, and I are flying to Ireland in May and I’d like to knit some nice passport holders to wear under our sweatshirts/jackets. I have looked everywhere online and can’t find anything! Maybe I’m using the wrong words in the search? :shrug: Ideally, I’d like something we can wear around our necks, but if the pattern doesn’t include that, I can just crochet a chain (the only crochet stitch I know how to do :teehee: ) and attach it to the holder.

Any ideas?? If there’s no knitting patterns out there for a passport holder, anyone know where I can find a sewing pattern instead?

Thanks guys! :hug:

try looking for ipod holder… maybe you can change the pattern…

I’m still too new at knitting to be brave enough to change a pattern…but maybe someday, lol. :teehee:

I’m thinking just measure the passport, add on an inch (or less) total, pick a yarn and needles, find my gauge, then multiply my number of stitches per inch by the width of the passport, and then just cast on and knit until I have sufficient knitted fabric to cover and overlap the passport…then I could add a button hole before I cast off, and add a button to the top flap. And then just seam up the sides…? :shrug: Do you think that would work? I’ve never just knitted something without a pattern before, so I’m probably missing a crucial step somewhere. And I have no idea how I’d attach a crochet chain to it either. :??

I’d knit a rectangle to fold and sew up the sides based on the dimensions of the passport, then pick up stitches at the top to crochet the chain off of or even i-cord. It’s simple and you could knock out all 3 in no time.

[color=indigo]Check out the files at DYI network site, cuz Knitty Gritty had a show last month that featured iPod covers and similar projects. It seems that you’d just have to adjust the measurements to fit.

What yarn will be soft enough to wear under your clothes, next to skin? I’m already itchin’ an’ scratchin’. :teehee:



Oh I was thinking more of wearing them under our jackets/sweatshirt. I have some baby yarn that would feel nice next to the skin, but it’s definitely not a color scheme that I’m interested in for a passport holder. :teehee:

Thanks for the advice, guys!! :hug:

how about these :shrug:

Thanks Julie! The Nano Necklace looks perfect! :hug: