Knitted or unknitted dropped loops

Okay, sorry for the dumb questions.
Could someone maybe explain to me how I can tell easily whether a loop is supposed to be the one you were just trying to stitch or if it has already been knitted and just didn’t make it over to the other loop?
I know this sounds really retarded but I keep having the problem of dropping the loops inbetween the two needles and I can’t then figure out how to make sure I reverse the knit so I can put it back on the first needle to redo the knit, because I keep guessing and so sometimes I put the knitted loop on the right needle and sometimes I put the unknitted loop on the right needle. I can’t really tell the difference yet.
I think that the dropped stitch video will help me but I’m still not sure how to tell if a loop on the current row has been knitted or not (if it’s off both needles by accident)
does that make any sense?
Thanks in advance for any help. I suck at this!!

well if i understand your question correctly i would say look to see where your working yarn is. if the working yarn is coming through it, it has already been knitted. if there isn’t any then it hasn’t been.

i may be over simplifying but i think that should do it for you.

Actually that is what I meant and the answer probably is that simple, thank you, I knew I was making it far too difficult.
man do I feel dumb
I’ll look for that next time, I’ve just gotta figure out the little tricks and learn to recognize the pattern better so I can see my errors.

I think it just takes experience to get used to how everything is supposed to look and feel. Sometimes when you slide the stitch off the needle it doesn’t come all the way off, and the next row you have this extra loop on the needle. The best thing is to look at your other stitches and try to see what goes where.