Knitted On Cast On

I really feel stupid right now. I am working on a top down sweater. I just took stitches off a holder and they are all live stitches of course but I have to add yarn and do two knit on cast ons. It’s a purl row. How do I do this?
Do I make a loop and knit one cast on from that and then purl back? But of course the loop won’t be attached to the live stitches. Ok, I took two Vicaden for pain and my brain isn’t firing real great … duh

The cast on sts will be on the same needle your working yarn is on. Put the needle into the L hand, knit them on - then if you’re these are to be at the beginning of the row, purl them, then purl the old sts. If your pattern says to cast on at the end of the row, it’s the same thing, just move the needle to the other hand and cast on.

btw, it helps to know what pattern you’re knitting, in case the suggestion I gave you isn’t right for what you’re supposed to do.

The pattern is a 30 year old hooded baby sweater knit from the top down. I had gotten to the Divide work and had all the stitches divided and on right front holder, right sleeve, back holder, left sleeve holder, and left front holder. I have already made the right sleeve. We were not to break the yarn between any of the holders. After making the right sleeve, I have to make the left sleeve starting on the purl side. It’s just confusing to me how to attach yarn from the ball at the beginning of the purl row, but before I purl, I have to add on two knitted on cast ons. It’s just odd. Here is the directions: Left Sleeve - Beg. on wrong side and p row, work in stockinette st. casting on 2 sts. at beginning of this and next row for underarm - 31 st. Work even for 3 rows, ending with p row. It’s attached now but I think sloppily. How would you have done it?

Don’t worry about the attached yarn seeming sloppy. You can always pull on the end and snug it up. Knitting the rest of the sleeve and weaving in the end will take care of the looseness.

Just start knitting with a new end of yarn and leave a tail. If the sts seem loose you can pull on it a little, and you’ll weave it in later. You probably did it exactly right.