Knitted Needle case Unpattern

Here’s something you could do with left over yarn that you like (the kind you bought that you didn’t like might not be a good idea, as you’ll be looking at this for a while) a knitting needle roll!

By Linda



I think in the pattern where she says stitches in some areas, she means rows.

Wow, what a brilliant idea! Thanks for posting that link Denise - it’s bookmarked.

sho nuff! I started one last night and I think it’s going to be toooo wide. I used a really chunky yarn with 10.5 size needles, and there are so many stitches the rows have to bunch up to stay on the needle. oops. I think the yarn is too chunky, or something.

The lady who wrot e the pattern doesn’t really give a gauage, does she? That makes it hard! She says “not too dense”. Is that like 5 sts per inch, or 7 stitches per inch?

Foldedbird, if you discover a good gauge, could you post it here? Pretty please? :slight_smile:

Hey, Salsa

I don’t know beans about guage right now. All I can tell you is what I did to start mine:

I’m using plastic needles, size 10.5. The yarn I’m using is Lion Brand Kool Wool black lot 0090 color 153.

I casted on 55 stitches, but you might want to do 45 unless you’ve come up with a pair of longer 10.5 needles. Once I started garter stitch on them, the yarn started bunching on the needles because it was too wide.

Here’s the gauge information from the yarn label:

Knit: 12 sts + 18 rows=4" in St st with size 10.5 needles. I haven’t done a gauge swatch yet.

Also, I did about 10 or 12 (lost count) rows of garter before I switched to stockinette, because I liked the look of the chunky border.

I’m not really going to count the rows. I figure once I can fit my longest needle in, I can do my other garter border and bind off.

By too dense, I think she means if your stitches are too small or tight, you won’t be able to poke your needles in!

Hope some of this helps you!