Knitted ladybug cell phone case in the movie Grown Ups?

Does anyone else remember seeing that ladybug cell phone case in the move Grown Ups with Adam Sandler? At one point in the movie Salma Hayek picks up Adam Sandlers phone and there’s a knitted ladybug cover on it, and I immediately became fixated on it.

I’ve googled all the terms I can think of but with no results, so I’ve come here. What I really liked about it is that it wasn’t a cover you have to take on and off to use, you could still use your phone with it on. I have a droid which is touchscreen so a cover like that would be awesome. I would really love a pattern for that ladybug case, but if not possible, just a cover pattern that I can make but don’t have to take on and off my phone, just so I can see my front screen. Please help ladies, I can’t get my mind off it.
This is the only cell phone cover I could find w/a window in it; this one is crochet. Droid’s window is considerable bigger, but it could give you an idea how to make it.

As far as incorporating a lady bug design, I found these mittens - maybe they’d be sort of the right size, or easily adapable to the size I could only find these thru - you’ll have to join to view them (assuming you’re not already a member). It’s free to join.

Here’s a knit one w/a small window:

Hi, hope this will help: I found a website that do custom made items, I am ordering a ladybug phone case from the movie Grown Ups from a lady that makes phone covers, the website is, and her profile name is CasePhile, she has not made it yet but we are working on her to figure out how to do it, the more I know I will post.

Hi all, I did end up making a ladybug case for one of you. If you want one too, you can find it at my Casephile shop on Etsy.