Knitted lace

How do I do a “knit2, over narrow twice, over”.

You may have to give a little more information. But what occurred to me right away is that

“knit2, over narrow twice, over”.
possibly should have a comma after the first over “knit2, over, narrow twice, over”. And… if this is a real old pattern or from another country it could mean knit 2, yarn over, do some sort of decrease (narrow) 2 times , yarn over.

Yeah, some old patterns used ‘narrow’ for dec, so it’s probably k2, yo, dec, yo dec, yo. Do you have a link to the pattern?

Hard to tell without having it in concept but it is most likely either.

k2, YO, k2tog x2, YO


k2, (YO, k2tog)x2, YO.

depending on how many stitches in the row, and whether or not increases are needed for the next row.