Knitted lace halter swing tunic pattern

Anyone see a patter similar to this out there anywhere? I’ve googled everything I can think of having to do with swing vest, swing tunic, swing jacket etc. What I want is a free knitted lace halter style swing tunic pattern.

I’ve tried Raverly and Knitting Pattern Central too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve literally spent hours surfing looking for what I wanted. I’m trying to convert this one to the style I want.

I wonder if you might have better luck looking for a similar vest pattern. Have you tried this?

A quick look on Ravelry under “lace vest” turned up this:

And this:

And this:

But some of these may not be free, and they may not be what you want.

Think I can make the 2nd one work. tyvm dunno why it didn’t show up for me.

You’re welcome.

Good luck in your venture. We’d love to see pictures of your finished project, so please come back and show us what you’ve done!