Knitted knitting needle holder

Hello! Myself and my roommate have been scouring the internet and our pattern books looking for a knitting pattern to make a holder for your knitting needles. The only ones we’ve found involve poking your needles through a knitted rectangle, but we’re looking more for something with knitted pouches or loops to hold your needles. If anyone knows of anything like this, or can offer advice as to how to knit loops (I imagine it involves putting some stitches on a holder, finishing the rest of the piece, then going back and knitting a few rows to create the loop) I’d really appreciate it! Here’s a picture to give you some sort of idea as to what I mean about the loops (look at the loops that hold the top part of the tools to the belt.) Thanks again!

Here’s a few ideas.,2025,DIY_14141_5501954,00.html

Thanks so much! I will pass these along to my roommate. Thanks again!

Oooooh, Jan I LOVE that last one–never thought of using a cable that way! Too Cool!

The fourth one is great. The other 3 sites do not work.
Thank you for the helpful posting.

Hi Kittie Kat!!

The reason that most of those links don’t work is because that original post is 11 years old!!!