Knitted join

Hi Knitters.
I’m almost done with my first top. I used the knitted in join to join the yarn. According to Amy’s video, this is sort of like weaving in the ends and that after a few stitches with both yarns I should be able to just cut the yarn (leaving a little small tail) and all should be good.

I’m completely hopeless at weaving in ends. No matter how many videos I watch and instructions I read I can’t seem to do it right, so with this join I was hoping to avoid it. Has anyone used this join? Will I be OK with cutting the ends and not having my knitting unravel?

It was in this forum where I learned how important the weaving in ends actually is. Before I just used ugly knots. But to me it still seems like weaving in won’t hold it, so I’m afraid to just cut the yarn after a few double yarn stitches…
I guess I need some encouragement from the forum. Thanks all.

I just did it with a hat I am making, but haven’t cut the end yet. I am also skeptical, so I will still weave in ends and knot.

Knotting isn’t necessary. I thought it was and finally decided that all these experienced knitters and crocheters just might know what they’re talking about. They do. If you’re not confident of the knitting 2 strands together, go ahead and weave it in some before cutting it, with acrylic yarn it is a good idea. Leave yourself enough of a tail that if it starts coming loose you can redo it, but you’re not likely to need to. It’s possible to weave in ends as you go, links below. Currently I’ve been playing around with this method and like it for the new end as well as the old end, I weave in the new end before I start knitting with the new yarn.

LinksReally Clear: Weaving in Ends as You Go
I’ve not done 2 ends together, just one at a time.

Weaving in Ends as you go, No yarn needle required!
I don’t know why she ties a knot, it’s not needed. She says you can’t do it with purls, it can be done, I do it, I can’t explain it…at least not yet.

Just so you guys know, I did not weave in the ends of my knitted joins. I just cut and left about a half inch tail. I wet, spun, blocked and am now wearing the sweater and it seems to be holding just fine.:woot:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

If you ever use this on other than wool yarn (I just did) do weave the tail in or use a weave as you go method (Ijust used that too).

Oops. It was a cotton sweater I did it with. I hope it stays put. I will try the weave as you go methods next, they look better than trying to do it after. I just can’t seem to see where the stitches go to follow them while weaving in.

It was this video for Fair Isle where I finally saw how it works. The twisting she does is basically the same thing and she explains it and shows what she’s doing in such a way I finally got it. Whether you’re presently interested in FI or not, seeing how she does the twists could be helpful. With other than wool yarn I can pick up the tail in the same manner on as I go back the other way when knitting flat.

I’ll have to watch that video later at home. It doesn’t work on the iPad.

With cotton especially I weave in one direction then turn and come back knitting a few of the stitches I already did by splitting them. That can make it a little thick with some yarns though. I want to try the braided join because I think that might be the best option. If you search in here I think there’s a link for it. If you can’t find it I can get the link when I’m back on the computer.

Thanks, Jan, I couldn’t remember what it was called and I was wanting to try something like this earlier. Is this what you meant? Maybe a different video, but the same technique?

Yes! That is the one I saw. Thanks, I bookmarked it on my iPad, too.