Knitted items for craft show?

My mom is the head of a non for profit company. They head up meals for wheels and senior centers for the county. She is heading up a craft fair to raise badly needed funds and really wants me to give her knitted items. She told me months ago, but I had surgery , so I’m behind. Craft fair is in June and I really want to help. I’d imagine the customers are going to be older. What kinds of things can I knit that might sell? I thought about doing dishcloths but not sure what else. We live in Missouri, so I thought I’d do some of those “state cloths” and some other random pretties. I know if I bust my butt doing elaborate things, they won’t sell or my mom will mark them way low. I really want to help my mom and the organization out. Any advice or ideas?

What about simple slippers?

Or this simple quick scarf

I believe a similar pattern for this scarf was in a Martha Stewart magazine.

Hi! :waving:

Congratulations on wanting to help such a great organization! They provide so much comfort for folks!

One thing I’ve knit a lot of are various patterns for fingerless gloves. They’re simple to knit if you get an easy pattern and everyone I’ve given them to loves them. You don’t have to be a teenager to appreciate having fingers free but hands warm for cell phoning, driving, texting, making change at the supermarket, etc. etc. etc. I’m sure there are tons of patterns available that would be fast and easy to make. You can also make them out of worsted weight for great winter warmth.

The other thing I did with mine was I had learned to knit two socks at the same time on one long cable needle and that’s how I did the gloves. When they were done, they were both done and they seemed to go very quickly. Melissa Morgan-Oakes has a book with the technique for 2 at a time on one needle socks but you can use that method for anything you need two of, even sleeves for sweaters.

Good luck with your endeavor and let us know how it goes!

Ruthie :hug:

Where at in MO?
Im in the Kansas City suburb…Norborne.

Im always very picky as to what I make for a craft fair. Normally I will design what I take because im selling this stuff and I dont want to use someone elses pattern due to copyright issues.

The craft fairs I go to,
my scrubbies(made outta tulle, or mesh like material) sell like hot cakes, I live in a farming community and my husband uses one in his shop for cleaning his hands…I make sure to tell people that and the guys usually buy 2 or 3 of them. Takes about an hour to make one…if that.

I have a pattern for the state of Missouri washcloth if you want it…After I made it tho I found a link for patterns for all 50 states. But those might be covered under copyright…Im sure if you asked, she wouldnt mind.

and novelty items…I recently got into knitting/crocheting Amigurumis and took them to one and came home with none… if you can make some cute dust collector…normally it will sell

people like the kits i make too… make something and then put a kit together for someone to make it themselves.

Head scarves went this last time…really fast and good stash buster…make sure you embroidery some flowers or something on it tho…all of those went and i brought home my just plain ones.

and then of course the accent scarves and slouch hats…i always make sure i have some of those…

I make bottle socks in the sports colors and other colors and they sell…those take me about 3 hours heavy knitting to make.

I used to make doilies, never sold any…dont make them anymore.
on the ocation i would sell an embellished kitchen towel set.

Sports color stuff sells too…especially orange and red…Missourians sure love thier Cheifs…the bottle socks and head scarves and washcloths all in the orange and red. Most of it goes. Oh and the Kansas sports team colors too.

Not sure how much of this would be suitable for your intended crowd… but this is what I take with me to a craft show.


Some designers expressly forbid selling items made with their patterns and you don’t want to get in trouble. The two that were linked to don’t say so you’ll need to contact the designer.

ETA: Here’s a few sites that do allow it. :thumbsup:

[B]Lion Brand [/B]
“You may sell any item you make using a Lion Brand pattern.
You may not sell our patterns; they are copyrighted. If you would like to give someone a copy, please use the option on our site to send a pattern to a friend.”

[B]Jessica Tromp[/B]
“You may [B]NOT[/B] sell [B][COLOR=#530029]my patterns[/COLOR][/B] !
finished items made from my [I]patterns
you may sell[/I]”

[B]Free Crochet and Knit Patterns[/B]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000]“All patterns are free. All I ask is that you don’t copy the patterns to sell or to post on other websites (without my permission). However, you may print out any of the patterns to use to make items for your own personal use or to make items to sell to others or to sell in craft shows or craft stores, through a home craft business, etc.”


I have made sachets for our church bazaar and I have also donated pot holders and dish cloths for local fund raising sales. These are all things out of my brain, so there was no problem there.

Since it’s for Meals on Wheels (one of the best organizations going) I think slippers would be great, and pot holders, things like that. Craft sales are always a good idea, in my book.

Thanks for the ideas. I’ll start knitting up some things. Anyone have any more ideas, let me have 'em! :muah:

How about a head scarf? I mean a triangle with ties that you tie at the back of the neck under your hair. I don’t know if it’d be a big seller, but in a light-weight cotton I think it’d be really cute. Some bright colors and maybe some earthy neutral tones too.

I’d buy them anyway :mrgreen:

Good luck!