Knitted Item Swap?

I would love to be part of a knitting swap. Like many others who’ve replied; however, I am a beginner and I am not that fast of a knitter. :shrug:

I’ve been learning fast though and I am really into trying new things. I just fear not being able to do a project quick enough. But if its small and newbies like me are given reasonable enough time to get them done I would be so up for it! I like a.shin.grace’s idea.

BTW - I’ve become quite good at scarves if that’s the way the swap goes! :wink: :happydance:

The square a month idea sounds interesting! I was actually wondering
about a square a week and suggesting the swap be for 3 months if
we did 12 squares. Some things to ponder! My biggest fear is with
such a large project swap that when someone drops out, as it always
seems to happen, then there are alot of people who end up disappointed…

My suggestion is we just do the squares as a knitalong and then when
everyone has there 12 squares done divide up for the mailing as this
way if someone drops out their name won’t be in the final mailing
scenario. This could pose a problem making sure everyone with allergies is covered and also if not everyone is willing to swap blocks
internationally… I don’t know! :slight_smile:

Anyone else with suggestions to make this swap fun?

Libbie :slight_smile:

hi great idea. what if we all make our squares out of machine washable yarn? so no surprise felting…and made if eople can’t have wool, everyone can knit a few of each type of square in different types of yarns ie i’ll make 5 wool ones, 7 cotton. then the ones who can’t have animal squares can pick from the other materials. hope tha made sense, opps gotta catch the bus! have a nice day.

If we do a KAL how about if we do a different square for each month then the ones that are new to knitting can learn different patterns as they progress through the year?

Start off with simple knit and purl and then progressing through to cables and 2 color squares.

Just an idea.

If the swap is done as a KAL one square a month, could it not be done set pattern starting with something simple, then progressing to something more complicated as we go along. People new to knitting will have the help from others in the swap and could also progress to learn other stitches. Set each month as an individual swap so if somebody did not want to join in for a square just let everybody know before it is started so numbers can be amended.

What size is an average afghan square?

I like Catz and Karina’s ideas! :thumbsup:

ECCIE I don’t think there is a set size. in the Charity knitting section they knit squares which are 12 inches big. I am working on a blanket for my daughter from the book More Blankets and Throws where all the squares are 6-7 inches. I think we just make up our minds how big we want to make them and take it from there. If Im wrong somebody correct me.

Ok, so what if we just start an Afghan Block KAL thread and have
a featured pattern/technique at the start of each month starting
with something basic and progressing to more advanced techniques.
This way a basic knitter can do it and get help and more advanced
knitters can maybe embellish a bit if they want a more complicated
block. This would allow for different people to play host for the kal
each month, if you have a pattern or technique to share then you
be the host of the month. We could cover all sort of techniques:
cables, lace, intarsia, texture patterns, etc.
Then at the end of the the 12 months you either have a
completed afghan for yourself or 12 squares to then enter into a

If we did it this way there would be no pressure to get something
finished by a deadline and would leave time for all the other knitting
projects I know everyone has…I can not be the only knitter with a
project list 2 miles long…right???

What do ya’ll think…sort of puts the swap part on hold for this
particular idea but that doesn’t mean there can’t be other knitting

Libbie :slight_smile:

I like that idea Libbie!

I like that idea too. will take the pressure off deadlines and won’t stop people from other countries to join in because of postage prices etc.

I am down with the Afghan Block KAL thread too, Lib! When will it start? Beginning of Feb?

Oh man, I wish I was getting in on this with you guys. I’m so short on cash, I’m buying bit by bit (credit card is almost paid off though!) and not always able to just out and pick up more yarn, so the stuff I have here now is already slated for projects. (Armwarmers, illusion socks, a scarf …)

Good to luck to everyone! I’ll try to check in and see how you guys are going.

I guess if I’m the one starting it then yeah, I’ll wait until Feb 1 to
start the official KAL thread so we can just follow the regular
months as our guideline for when to introduce the next technique
and/or pattern :slight_smile:

YarnKitten, you are welcome to join along whenever you want. There won’t be a cut off. You might want to check in with us
occasionally as I really hope to have lots of information for each
technique we do so that hopefully we will all learn a bit while having
fun knitting!

Libbie :slight_smile:

where will the patterns come from. Will you decide on a stitch pattern and then let people decide for themselves how many repeats they want to do and how large they want to make it. I want my afghan to be nice and chunky so have already bought some super chunky denim from ebay at half price to use for this project.
YarnKitten, I imagine that one skein of yarn would be enough for a block, you could always see what is on special and buy one or two as and when you can. you could make all the block different yarn. so you would have different patterns colours and textures. a feast for your senses.

Not sure what everyone else is thinking but my thought is to just
suggest a technique at the start of the month (i.e. intarsia, cable,
lace, etc) and then let everyone choose their own pattern. Maybe if anyone has a link to a pattern they like they can post it. As a few people suggested it, I was thinking for thee first month doing a very basic square to get us kicked off. Do a quick walk through on how to determine gauge and use the info from your gauge swatch to get started on your first square. After that, well anyone who wants to suggest things are more than welcome!

Libbie :slight_smile:

another resource could be Lion Brand Website… I know I get their emails and each time there is a “stitch of the week” (or month?)

The last few have been crochet, but I would think the others (there were lots of knit) would be archived?

It’s free and anyone could access by signing up… Just a thought.

Thanks Lisa-H-Town will check it out.

I think this is a great idea. I am a new knitter so it will give me a chance to try new things. And how great would it be to have an Afghan made by people from all over! I think it would be a great keepsake. But i would think it might be best to use at least worsted weight or fatter yarn, so they will be nice and warm. I have already learned so much from this group, cant wait to learn and share more. :grphug:

If we go ahead with this one a month for a year plan, I’m in…!!! Like kimmypooh said, I’m a new enough of a knitter than having a guide/plan to follow month by month will be great for learning new techniques without committing to a HUGE project. One afghan square a month will be do-able, and I’m uber excited for the final product!

Is there an official sign up yet or is this still in the brainstorming phase?