Knitted Item Swap Poll

Let’s see if I figured out how to post a poll for this as it seems the
easiest way to see what everyone would like to do! :slight_smile:


I voted for afghan squares. It’ll be cool to have an afghan made up with squares from everyone.

I voted for the afghan squares also.

yup, afghan squares from me too. It would be really interesting to see all the different stitches and colors

I think if I was going to join it I would be most interested in afghan squares.

I voted for the afghan squares … I think its a great idea x

Yes, I voted the afghan squares as well… when I started thinking about the logistics of it all (mailing, allergies, etc), I started to get a head ache… I tend to [I]over[/I] think things.

But sure it would make more sense to some one that has a better understanding of the whole process of how to coordinate such.

I haven’t even [I]completed[/I] my first swap yet!! :slight_smile: but have thoroughly enjoyed the experience! And think this would be equally as fun.

I think afghan squares would be a good idea. I don’t know how to seam the squares together yet, but I am certainly willing to learn :slight_smile:

Hi I voted for the squares also, although if 20 people join the swap will that mean we have to knit 20 12 inch squares. That would take me about a year+. Maybe 6-8 inch squares would be better. what do everybody else think.

Afghan squares for me too!

I am not sure you would be making a square for every participant. You would make a square for some participants. This poll is related to another thread. You might want to read the other thread too.