Knitted item as a prize

If you were going to knit an item which would be used as a prize in a fundraising event, what would it be? It should be worth an amount somewhere between $300-$500 and it should be impressive (at least to people who don’t knit), something one couldn’t buy in a store. Also, it shouldn’t take too terribly long to make or be too boring to knit either.

Cashmere = luxurious.
Cables = impressive and not too boring.

A cabled cashmere or camel’s hair wrap that will fit the winner, whatever her size?

I have never knitted with 100% camel’s hair, but I noticed that Yarnmarket sells some that is linked somehow with a charitable cause…I can’t remember exactly what. If the yarn were not only nice but associated with a charitable cause, that would be good. I’m going to check that out.

How about something that suits the theme/topic of the charity? Another option is to purchase a pattern from a museum. They tend to stock interesting patterns for unusual items or old style clothing. xxx

In fact, I was just thinking about tippets the other day. Have you ever seen a pattern for a tippet?

what about an open lacework shawl in a very fine fiber
looks way elegant
does not use quit as much yarn, and still is impressive in a way a solid fabric is not always

just a thought


I am making the wavy lace shawl from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005 (#15) for my school’s fundraiser. I am making it out of knitpicks panache which is very soft (alpaca, silk and cashmere) and it is also chunky, so it knits up quickly. I have made two so far, the second one look me less than 2 weeks, and I didn’t work on it every day at all. Here is the picture of the wrap.

There is a chart which is basically the pattern for free here

That looks lovely.

I thought this page might give you ideas. There are some patterns in pdf format.