Knitted houses?

Knitted houses???!!! How cool is this?

wow, love it.

Wish there were patterns! Looks like fun and a lot of different techniques.

Wow! knitting has finally reached the status of ART!! :cheering:

OMG! I just noticed there are “tree cozies” too:

NOW I’ve seen everything… never thought that day would come :slight_smile:

Those tree cozies are neat! I’m tempted to make some for the trees up at our lake place…that would be cool looking out in the woods…except I think the chipmunks and squirrels would have some pretty fluffy nests!

pat…still waiting till November 26!

I really love the houses, but I must say that the tree cozies ROCK! They could be made from anything to make them weather resistant, too! An intriguing idea…but, not one for me…LOL, my project list is far too long to think about decorating my trees…but my flowering cherry tree would look very nice with a colorful cozy :wink: … :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

I think that when you start knitting tree cozies, you know you’ve done everything else.

:roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: Ain’t no doubt!! :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

I thought it already had!!

Cute!!! I saw some felted bird houses at my LYS that looked like this and they were so cute!!

Oops…guess you can’t link them directly…scroll down the list on the left and you’ll see them.

I also pretty much HAVE to HAVE that cute sheep tote!!

Suuuuure ya can… just have to remember that they use frame… [/geek]

Here is the direct link, I think, if this is the one you were talking about

Heh…and I thought I was a geek… LOL Yeah, I knew they were using frames, but I couldn’t remember how to make it open w/o one. When I right clicked in Firefox it didn’t give any options. :doh: