Knitted House Taken Down - H&S rules

Think this is the second time in less than a week that Health & Safety rules have hit knitting.

First, it was knitting needles put out of “harm’s way” behind a hospital desk and now this:

[B]Wool house ‘fire risk’[/B]
Fire officers have ordered a knitted house to be taken down after declaring it a fire hazard. The 10ft-by-14ft house was knitted by 500 women from all over the world and was on show at Atlantic Village at Bideford, North Devon, where it has raised £10,000 for charity. Ann Tattersall, who helped to create the house, said: “This is absolutely outrageous and is health and safety gone mad.”

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It’s heart-breaking that so much work, done by so many people all over the world, and raised thousands for charity, should fall foul of H&S rules.:verysad:

Following this logic, the only place to safely display knitting would be in an empty aircraft hangar. :fingerwag::fingerwag::fingerwag:

omg!!! :oo::!!!:can´t believe this!!! Are they insane??? :!!!::doh:

That doesn’t even make sense! Don’t they know that wool is [I]flame retardant[/I]?

:doh: :verysad:

that was such an enormous effort by so many knitters for an amazing cause. I can’t believe it has to be taken down. That is seriously deranged.

if anyone hasn’t seen the pictures go find them. the whole house was knitted- the walls, roof, furniture, food, dishes, broom, pictures, EVERYTHING was knit to scale. they raised a huge amount of money for charity and it was a wonderful testament to knitting.

I am really upset they did this. is there ANY recourse?

(I’ve been following the assembly of the house through Simply Knitting mag that I buy here in the states.)

Wool burns slowly, if at all.
All they had to do was spray the thing with fire-retardant, put a fire extinguisher nearby and ban smoking.

:shock: how ridiculous! Maybe some of the yarn used was acrylic? :?? Even then, like knitasha says, just have them put a fire extinguisher near it!

When I see things like that, I can’t help thinking that some government employees have way too little work to do! :shrug:

OK, I’m going to find a little good or at least a tiny bit of humor in the fact that at least it wasn’t in the US. It’s comforting to know other countries have morons in their governmental agencies too. :teehee:

Well, I was equally sad today to observe that the work of one of my favourite street chalk artists (brilliant stuff) is often stopped by Councils and he receives fines. His works are masterpieces in clever design as you can see from the images.

The issue of the knitting house is very sad however these days it ALWAYS pays to investigate issues to do with ANY type of public performance art. I suspect that the building housing this art did not have ceiling sprinklers.

I am NOT arguing with anything anyone has said here but my mind naturally had to ask why it’s ok for galleries to have installations that are very subject to fire and I think ceiling sprinklers are the reason why. It’s a crazy world but in ‘sue happy’ cultures can one really be surprised at conservatism. I am hoping a suitable venue will offer this knitted house a new home.

Oh, if you aren’t sure…the person on the left is chalk art. The person on the right is the artist. Another example:

If you’re not sure…the person on the left is a chalk drawing. Another example:

I think for those of us who ‘do’ craft, we ache for ALL the work people put in to these projects and the significant time people spend organising etc. And not for profit, for art sake or charity.


That’s so silly! Would they tell someone they couldn’t have lots of knitted items in their house because its a fire hazard?? Probably not.

Obviously these government officials have WAAAAAY too much time on their hands.

Hmmm - maybe they should try knitting!

Kaydee…Public spaces are different insurance wise than private homes. You could fill your house to the brim with cardboard if you wanted to :slight_smile: Mind you, then you’d be had for something like creating a vermin potential :slight_smile:

If the space the knit house was stored in had any wood in it, that would be more likely to burn than wool!

I just don’t really understand the reasoning.

Susan P, those chalk drawings are amazing!

And I think we all have to concur in hoping the Knitted House will find a venue!

Denise, this is one that really blows my orientation. I find it impossible to see it as a flat image even tho I know it is. He’s done another one of a laptop computer the same way, Julian Beever is one amazing guy. You Tube has a vid of him doing his work and how he maintains some of his positions across a small wire frame until (as he’s colouring in) I do not know: