Knitted headband for job interviews?

I’m going on job interviews (I’ve been a SAHM for the past year,and now I’m going back to work), and my hair looks terrible! My son plays with it all of the time, not to mention I don’t have a lot of time to style it.

Anyway - it would give me more confidence if I had a nice headband to put on my head to pull my hair back just a bit for job interviews, and give me a neater appearance.

Any suggestions on a pattern that would be formal enough? I really like Molly’s headband (lace pattern free on the Interweave site in their “Sweet Somethings” PDF), but it’s lacy and I don’t think it would be job interview material.

Any suggestions on a pattern, or a yarn that would be good would be much appreciated! :muah:

What about a simple braided cable? A little dressy but not too flashy. If you did that - you’d probably want to do it on small needles with a a k2 border - kind of like the band on this but on a smaller needle and finer yarn?

i was thinking that, too but a different cable pattern came to my mind: the toddle!

use sock yarn and size 1 needles and youve got a really cool headband. im doing this cable now for my son as a scarf and i enjoy it.

If you have a great hairdresser getting it shaped will help your confidence as well. :slight_smile:

From a Mommy with major mommy hair going on.