Knitted Grocery Sack

I’d like to knit a grocery sack, made of grocery sacks. You cut off the handles, make a .5" wide strip, and knit away.

Does anyone know where to get bags any color other than white or tan? That’s all the stores in Houston TX have right now. Walmart did have blue at one time.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Best Buy has yellow and Hancock Fabrics has clear. I’ll keep thinking.

I have a bunch of blue Wal-mart ones at my house that you’re welcome to.

Here’s one from DIY!
Recycled plastic bag tote

Here’s a crocheted one.

This may completely ruin the idea of recycling the bags, but you may want to check with a retail store supplier. There is actually two stores in my area: Plastic Bag Mart and Plastic Bag Store! What’s amazing is all they sell is plastic bags. I used to always laugh when they took the bags I was buying for my business and put them in a plastic bag! I guess I have a warped sense of humor. :wink:

If you really wanted a particular dominate color, you could purchase a few and then use the bags you’ve collected to complete the project.

A more eco-friendly idea is to post a request on freecycle or craigslist. There may be someone who has been saving tons of these bags in a rainbow of colors just for you!

I was thinking the same thing. I just helped my sister clean out a rarely used closet at her apartment and we found a ton of plastic bags. She saves them to use for kitty litter. In the end we had a large trash bag full of plastic grocery bags in many different colors. I took them to a local grocery store that has a bin to recycle them in. Definitely checkfreecycle if I had seen a request I would have been more than happy to pass them on instead of recycling them.

If only I had thought of using the bags to knit with :doh: Good luck!

You guys are awesome, thank you so much! I’ve never heard of freecycle before, and I’m going to check it out. Craigslist is a great idea too.

Projectgal, we’re on the same wavelength about buying plastic bags. Also buying and carrying them home in an additional plastic bag seems ironically redundant.

Brownishcoat, I would be interested in your blue walmart bags.

Thanks again for all your advice!