Knitted Gnomes

SO, I’m perusing the June 2006 of Simply Knitting Magazine and on page 29 there is a little writeup about some gnomes that apparently where a featured pattern in the “Christmas Gifts Extra 2005”. I’m assuming this may be some sort of bonus type issue of the Simply Knitting family?

It appears that you can only order the last three issues as ‘back issues’, which won’t get me back that far. I can’t find a website for them.

Anyway, the gnome looks soooo cute, and I need to knit one for a friend as a little inside joke. Anyone know where I might get the pattern?

(Edited to say, I did a google search and found a few patterns, but none as cute as the knitted one shown in the mag)

there are gnomes knitted up on this site from people you might be able to get the pattern from. I tried the link and it appears to no longer be active. i did contact the site to see if they could provide it again so maybe they will give it up! :thumbsup:

I made a baby gnome! It was adorable!! :smiley:

Unfortunately they have pulled the free pattern from the web, and I was able to get to it via the wayback machine, but only the first page. :frowning:

She is selling the pattern now though:


I found a free pattern for one quite similar to the one in the link you posted Julie. Just not the same though. The pic of the one in the magazine just looks a little more, I dunno, animated or somethin. Has a little nose and a fluffy beard and different legs. I did find an e-mail address in the magazine, I’ve requested help from them, hope they come through!

Tap, tap, tap…wait, wait, wait…no response from the SK folks yet. Can ya tell patience is NOT my strong suit? LMAO

the one i contacted doesn’t have it anymore because it is a paid only pattern…but mine was the same as the one Julie posted anyway.

i wouldn’t much expect to be getting a response over the weekend though! :wink:

Naw, I really didn’t expect one yet, I just felt the need to WHINE about it LOL WHAHHHHHHHH :lol:

lol i completely understand that need! :rofling:

I have that pattern. I printed it when the link was still active. It’s like 5 pages or something. Here’s a picture of some I made. You could embelish them with beard and put eyes on it and stuff if ya wanna. If anyone wants the pattern PM me.

I’m gonna give this a whirl, see if it works. If it does, this is the one I’m looking for…

Oh that is so cute!!!

Now ya see why I’m chompin at the bit… :lol:

Tap, tap, tap…stomp, stomp, stomp :frowning:

I found this that might help you out, but you have to buy the patterns/kits.
Knitted gnomes

I saw that too - I wanted to try to get a back issue of the christmas one but no luck so far.

Have you heard from SK yet? =D

NOTHIN from 'em :crying:

:frowning: :crying: :frowning: :crying: :frowning: :crying: :frowning: :crying: :frowning: :crying: :frowning: :crying:

That’s too bad. Did you check all the cute gnomes on the link I posted? I should think you’d find something similar there. :heart:

Oh, yes I did Jan and I appreciate you postin that…they’re just not the same though…there’s just somethin about the one I’m lookin for that I like better. So, of COURSE, I’ve got my head set on the one that is unattainable :lol:

A gnome angel has visited me…I’m just sayin :happydance: :happydance: