Knitted Gloves

I am working on a pair of knitted gloves for a friend. She used to be my boss for a while before they found another person to take the place of my original boss who retired. I am using Knit Picks stroll in the color black because we can only use black, white or dark gray with our uniforms.

What a wonderful gift. Looking forward to seeing the gloves, Daylily.

Sounds nice - looking forward to a picture. Have fun knitting with the black yarn. I’m currently knitting a black phone cover, but keep having to tink because I’m not seeing it well some of the time, so I keep dropping stitches. The light has to be strong to see my work properly.


I have finished the gloves and uploaded a picture of them .You can see it at this web address:

Perfect! Those are wonderful gloves and you get extra credit for knitting them in black. I’m sure your friend will be very pleased with the lovely gift.

Lovely - well done! Maybe you’ll get orders for more?


Yes I have, I made a pair of gloves and a hat for the custodian who opens the gate for me. She said a mix of colors would be fine so I made the gloves multicolored: Cuff was Doe color, Hand area and thumb was electric blue, dove gray, white and duchess heater. The fingers were the four colors of the hand and cuff. I made the hat using some of the same colors.
Now the night custodian said if I make her a pair of gloves and the hat , she would pay me for it.

beautiful! and in black, too. The last sweater I did in Black will probably be the last sweater I DO in black.

When I am working on black yarn, I do it in the daylight hours, my eyes can’t see the stitches at night.