Knitted gifts

just wondering how people felt about getting hand made gifts that are a craft you do and do quite often to keep or give as gifts… maybe even have given a handmade gift to that very person that gave you one.

I would be thrilled to get something handmade - I love that fact that the person would have to be thinking of me - at least as long as it took them to make it! (Of course I also realize that 90%of the time spent making a gift is not spent thinking about the recipient, but cursing the yarn, the needles, the pattern, the cat eating the yarn, the husband that won’t let you work on it for more than 10 min at a time…) :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: but I still think it would be great!

I agree with Rebecca - at least they thought about me a little during the creative process. Knowing how much effort (read: tears sometimes, and frogging, rewriting patterns to fit different gauges and yarns :?? :doh: )
goes into anything handmade makes the gift all the more special.


i depends on what it is. like one day i was telling my mom that i was going to make some recieveing blankets for my baby and my older sister was listening and decided she was going to make them for me. oooo that just burned me up so bad. i’m like nooo make something else i’m making that.

some people just don’t appreciate the work. like i know no one would appreciate something i made except my grandmother, my husband, and my kids. the latter have no choice! :wink: and maybe my twin

I would love any handknit gifts. Anything, whether I need it or not. I know what goes into it, the time, the effort, and the thought.

Plus, since I am a knitter, I spend a lot of my time knitting for other people. A good 80% of what I knit goes to someone else. I would soooo appreciate someone taking the time to knit something for ME! I’d probably cry! :heart:

never thought of it that way! :thinking: yeah i guess that would bring you to tears!

I’d be touched, knowing how much time is involved, but I’d rather they had given me the yarn and pattern! Not nice, but I’m trying to be honest.

Knowing how much time and effort it takes me to make something for a loved one, I’m happy that someone would think enough of me to make me something. And while secretly I might prefer the yarn and pattern, I know in my heart that I would never have gotten around to it anyway, so thanks for making it for me :wink: