Knitted gift ideas for my niece's 13th birthday?

My niece will be turning 13 at the end of March. I was thinking it would be fun to knit her a birthday gift, but I really don’t know what. :??

Any ideas what a 7th grade girl might like? Something I could send to her and have her think, “Wow! How cool!” :inlove: instead of “Uh, gee, thanks…[size=2]Why on earth did she make me this?[/size]” :ick:

I also have to keep in mind that I have four small children of my own, so knitting time is already in short supply compared to my list of projects. :teehee:

felted purse…funky toe socks?

How about one of those scarves that go in spiral? With lots of loops and stuff?

I do a lot of tutoring of high school aged children, and currently scarves knitted with thick thin yarn is very popular. Knitted on BIG needles with a keyhole design or such…

I’m sorry if your not in a snowy area…

I’ve seen some really fun patterns to make things like cell phone cases with bits and bobs hanging off of them. That might be a little too old… but could likely be adapted into something useful…

funky legwarmers are finding their way back to “rage”—and not just for dancers. My 15 yr old cousin is begging me for a superlong lacy scarf…armwarmers/wristwarmers too, since she wears tees and tanks all winter long (in New England).

Anything accessory-like. My cuz will mix and match all sorts of random stuff so she likes the wristwarmers, leg warmers, scarves, etc. Cell phone or iPod carriers…

I have seen in several knitting books… a cell phone or I Pod cozy. Also a small knitted bag to hold them… what teen doesn’t have a cell phone?? :roflhard: :roflhard:

I was going to say a felted bag. Girls that age are really starting to carry purses as they have more stuff to carry.

I think that a felted bag or a cell phone/ipod cozy would be good. If she’s a skater girl you could try a benie :?? [/i]

What about some funky socks. Maybe the shorter ones?? Using self-striping yarn??

Just thought of something else…

How about a backpack thing (are they called booga bags??)? A lot of gals are using the backpack style right now.

Here’s a page I found…lots of CUTE things!!

I don’t know what style she’s into, but my almost-13-year-old loves punk styles right now. She loves anything with skulls.
How about some Skull Socks? Or the We Call Them Pirates hat?

I was going to the say the same thing…I have a going-on-13 yr old boy who would really like these or the skull scarf. I guess it depends on what her style is.

Good ideas everyone! Thanks! And if anyone has any more ideas, feel free to keep 'em coming. :teehee:

So far I’m leaning toward some type of felted bag… :thinking:

This one might be a little young but you might be able to doctor it a bit if it isn’t her quite her style. Maybe a different “picture” on it?

How about the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet? Cute kinda grown up and fast!

hmm, lets see, someone mentioned toesocks. yes! toesocks! very cute and show-offable. my cousin practically mauled me for i pair i’d bought, imagine the response if they were handmade!

hmm, what else :thinking: skinny scarves are nice, depends on what color and material u make em with though. wrist warmers and iPod cozies will forever be some of my favorites. scarves with diagonal stripes are cool too, i’ve been meaning to make some of those.

OMGosh, you should make her fetching! she’d love them, and her friends would be soo jealous!

I used some fun fur and knitted them on some flip-flops for my 12 year old niece and she loved them! I would suggest something like that or a felted bag. :shrug:

I can’t believe I didn’t think of these before. They are one of my favorite fun patterns evah! I have made one and a half pairs (yeah…only half…lol)

This was my first pair… They say Do No Harm.

This is my second half that I have been playing with. I have used the Fetching cuff, made the thumb a bit longer to cover more of my finger, and am work on a flap to make them convertible. I haven’t decided what they are going to say yet.

I think I’ve found my pattern…it’s from Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas. It’s the “everyday purse with flap” (click on the Table of Contents…it’s the green one, top center of the left picture). Seems like it would be easy enough not to stress me out before the end of March (as I will also be working on a baptism dress for my 6 month old DD). I haven’t done a felted bag before and this seems like a good one to start with…plus any mistakes will be easier to hide since it’s felted. :teehee:

Now I just need to give her mom a call and find out about favorite colors so I can pick out the yarn. :smiley:

And thank you so much to everyone for all of your ideas! :muah:

My list of future projects just keeps on growing, no thanks to you people! :teehee: (And it’s wonderful! This is such a great place to find new projects that I never would have known about otherwise. Gotta :heart: KH!)