Knitted gift for SIL diagnosed with breast cancer

My sister in law was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

They caught it early, she said. She’s had surgery and starts chemotherapy…

Anyway, I would really love to knit her something breast-cancer-awareness related to show her how I’m thinking of her, etc. etc.

But I can’t find anything… the problem is that she lives in Houston, so she can’t really use a scarf… I’ve seen a couple of hats that would be appropriate, but I’m afraid to ask if they expect her to lose her hair.

Any wonderful ideas on something I could knit? I guess it wouldn’t even have to be breast-cancer related, just something she could use… but I’m just not sure what to do.

Any help would be really appreciated.

[b][color=violet]well she probably won’t know if she is going to lose her hair until it starts to happen. it is different for everybody. as far as whether or not she will need a scarf or hat…just because she is in Houston doesn’t mean she won’t need a scarf or wrap or something to keep her warm. Chemo can really effect her in ways nobody will be expecting. The chills come on quite unexpectedly. even if she doesn’t get the chills a wrap or scarf could be very comforting to her. i would do a nice soft warm wrap in pink. Something simple, with not to heavy of a yarn, just nice and soft. the fact that you were thinking of her and made it especially for her will mean more to her than even the warmth she gets from it when she is cold!

and let me suggest that you not be afraid to ask her questions. don’t interrogate of course but knowing that she can talk to you even if she doesn’t have answers now or even want to talk right now, will mean everything to her!

saying a prayer for her full recovery and for those of you who are going through this with her.[/color][/b]

What a fabulous idea!

I found this shawl - it looks easy and quick - do you think it would be warm enough if she got a chill? It looks like something I could have done by Christmas.

A gal at work just asked me two days ago if I would be willing to make a couple chemo hats for her aunt that has now lost her hair. I am delighted and honored to do so and am fretting about finding the right one to do. Honestly, the pattern i got cuz the sample at one of my local craft haunts is cute and easy- is only 40 stitches knitted flat then decreased on up and seamed together. it says that it seems small due to the fact that the absense of hair allows for the small size… but still!
Anyhooo, the biggest thing is that my pal said she’d pay me and I vehemently said NO! i am honored that she asked me to do something that could be comforting to her aunt and it will be my gift to her. when the rare chance happens that a special favor like this is given to me…it’s especially fullfilling to me to do something nice for someone I don’t know…
i do know that softness is the key…make sure whatever you make whether a warm hat…or even just a grown up version of a comforting security blankie…soft soft soft! good luck with your project! :thumbsup:

that one would be very easy to do but watch out for boredom! it is easy to get bored with a project when it is just knit knit knit knit knit knit (pointing to the 4 abandoned afghan’s sitting in the basket!)

want to be careful about seams too. even the softest seams can be irritating to the head of someone going through chemo.

i believe there are some nice projects in the october KAL…or at least somewhere in the KAL section anyway!

You may also want to PM Foldedbird & ask what patterns she & her yayas use for chemo caps.

If you want something with the awareness ribbon, there is a dishcloth on

She will LOVE anything you make for her, because she will feel your support and concern!

another thing to watch out for is that pattern called for Microspun…and apparently NOT the thing to knit with…

BUT>>>>>>>>>>>> I have been looking looking looking looking for a long tail shawl for a LONG time…and here it is!!! :slight_smile: THANKS for posting the question…:slight_smile:

May your SIL get better QUICK!!!

:?? Sorry, what is the KAL?

Knit A Long. :slight_smile:

I really hate microspun, but I think I could be persuaded to use it for a chemo cap. You just have to be careful not to split it when you’re knitting. This is one occassion where I would turn a blind eye to all of its flaws so that I could use its softness.

Also, hospitals are usually cold. I think that a nice sized lightweight shawl would be a great gift.

Hugs to you and prayers for your sister! :heart:

:heart: :heart: for you and your SIL. It’s really sweet of you to knit something for her. I, too, think a cap and/or shawl would be great for her.

If you can, please keep us posted on her progress!

Or, use Knitpicks Shine instead!!

From experience, microspun makes wonderful chemo hats. I made (crocheted) several for my mother in law and they are her favorites…colorful, warm yet lightweight, and easy to care for. Crocheting with that yarn, if you know how to crochet is not bad at all. Since she was diagnosed w/ovarian cancer, she lost her hair in chemo (which she has been on now for two years) and wears a hat 365 days a year. They keep her body warm, since there is no hair there to do that for her.

Wish your sister in law luck for me.


Hi Kristi – Here are some chemo caps I made recently. They’re all a little different - so that was good for my interest level. Primary goal was for them to be soft and seamless and consciously knitted with love and support.

Hopes this gives you some ideas to start with.


Thanks for all of the replies! I decided to make her a shawl to start with, and I hope to get that done by Christmas… and then I think I’ll make her a chemo cap in January, you know after the initial rush of gifts/support when maybe she needs an extra boost. :frowning:

My mom suggested that I just start giving her a call every week to see how she is… I HATE talking on the phone, but if I can get over my phobia for this I think it’s a great idea.

Thanks again for the warm wishes and great ideas. :heart: I wish there was something more I could do for her (she has no family in Houston, and they just moved to a new part of town, plus her husband travels for work a ton, so I don’t think she has much support).

have you checked this out?
breast cancer knitty issue

Hey, I don’t know why-but when I clicked on the link to the Knitty site for breast cancer in the last post–I think it was Carmell—my browser shut off–and it did it a SECOND time when I tried it again. Wonder why??

well the first time i did it i got an error message saying something about the file being corrupt or the link or whatever. i tried it again and it worked fine…worked here at the office too. i tried playing with the link a bit to see if it was just the extensions too…didn’t appear to be the case.

Kristi, I am a 9 year breast cancer survivor. Take it from me, she won’t mind your asking questions concerning her condition. She’ll probably be glad to talk about it.
I think that’s very sweet of you to knit something for her.
if she’s having chemo, she’ll most likely lose her hair. I did. But it grows back, so no biggie. but during this time, she’ll want something on her head.
I was never chilled as the chemo sends you into a menpause state, so you are constantly having heat flashes. really bad!!
even the wig I wore was hot and itchy.
So a soft cap will be nice!

Ellen - It’s a PDF file, so that may be what’s wrong… I know my old computer would run screaming whenever I accidentally clicked a PDF link :rollseyes:
Kristi, the best thing you can do for your sister, you’re already doing - showing her you care, and making yourself available. I know it might be hard to call (my husband is phone-phobic too, I really do understand) but that’s a great idea, she’ll need someone to talk to.
Hugs and :heart: for both of you…
PS - Thiswould be great for someone in a warm climate (I’m thinking about making it for my grandmother in FL) and the woman who designed it did it in memory of her mom who died of breast cancer, and is donating all the proceeds to a breast cancer foundation.