Knitted food pattern

I am laughing as I type this post because I think it’s very odd…but here goes!

I’d like to knit a hot dog for somebody, and while I found this AWESOME crochet pattern, but I need it to be a knit pattern, and a [I][U]Chicago[/U][/I] style hot dog (for those not familiar with Chicago style hot dogs, [here]]( is a GREAT diagram of what makes a Chicago hot dog–and notice, no ketchup!)

Is there a way to transfer this crochet pattern to knitting?

I know I can use black beads for the poppy seeds, but what can I do for the relish, chopped onions, pickle, tomatoes, and hot peppers? :scratchinghead:Is there a site somewhere that might have knitted tomatoes, peppers, etc.?


All I can say is that I’m hungry now!


:rofling:That’s funny! Maybe if I could find that pattern (knit) I would make one for my friend! On neopets(an awesome website)( She has a hot dog gallery. Her username is captian_jack_123! (I’m just saying.)

Cookworm…perhaps use the search facility to look on this forum as I and a few others have posted some sites that discuss how to convert crochet to knitting. I don’t use the sites but looked them up at the time. Or just google converting crochet to knitting and you should arrive at the sites available. A LOT do the other way round but you’ll find one you want eventually.

its not the whole thing, but how about this for some of the smaller ingredients.