Knitted ferrari!

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plus here’s the article if you want to read about it

Ya botched the image but the link works. Pretty cool.

I remember that picture/article. Someone posted it a while ago.


HOLY CRAP!!! 12 MILES of yarn and she knit this thing in ONLY 10 MONTHS??? She is a fast and crazy knitter! 12 MILES of yarn knit in 10 MONTHS??? I can barely finish a poncho in 10 months. LOL… That is kind of cool. Wonder where she stores it? Ha.

my dh would love one of those :teehee:

That thing is crazy!!! Did she knit it and stuff it like you would a teddy bear??:??

Haha, brilliant! I saw a magazine article recently about a woman who says she is addicted to knitting (well who isn’t!) and she knit a shed amonst other things :teehee:

Oh, and I don’t know if any Brits posted this…