Knitted faces for Boys/Girls club project in blighted area

These kids want to decorate three bins (see pix) as faces with ears, eyes, noses, and lips. Plus some big funny feet at the bottom. Has anyone ever done this? It’s in out rural town that needs a lot of TLC. We were just named the worse town ghetto in Kansas and everyone is depressed but the kids in Boys/Gorls clubs want to do this as part of a yarn bombing project they are doing on October 10-13th. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. I am worried. Peggy

Peggy, your photo didn’t upload. Can you give it another try, please? Did you use the Upload arrow at the top of the Reply box?
Here are some ideas for bins and other things that could be adapted for bins. I especially like the big feet about halfway down the page.

Does it have to be knitting or could you use any fabric?

We are making exceptions for this one cuz the kids are so excited about it. Any thing like eyes ears noses and feet would be very cool. I don’t sew or anything and this area is so depressed there aren’t many volunteers who aren’t over worked.