Knitted edge

Hi…I was on the forum 2 days ago…and am still having trouble. Recently I saw a sample of knitting that had a nice finished edge. It looked braided. When I asked the Yarn Dr. at the Mall of America Knit Out, they thought I would have to slip stitch something…what??? Help? Anyone know how to make the sides look braided?

Could it have been 3 I-cords braided or maybe a cabled strip, slipstitched to the edge? Sounds pretty!

I am not sure and they didn’t demonstrate it. I have looked in several knitting books and I can find how this edge was made…I think it could be real simple.

I was under the impression in your previous post that the slipped edge, which I provided a picture of, was what you were looking for.


Did your other thread not give you the results you were after?

Nicky Epstein has several books with a fantastic array of edging.

Hi Cam…I think the slipped edge is what I want. The picture you provided is what I am looking for…I just can’t make it look like that. Do you knit the whole row and slip off the last stitch??? Do I have to do something else?

It may be that you slip the first stitch, then knit the row. Or purl it.