Knitted Dishcloths

Mine too!! She said she wanted to frame it! I told her the next time I was over at her house for dinner, I was going to use it. I use mine all the time, although at first I didn’t want to mess them up, but now I like them better than store bought. It’s a good way to practice a new stitches too. Mine are stained with all different colors and bleach marks. I figure I use the blankets and socks I make, why not the dishcloths.

Ive got 3 that I finished…not really a dishcloth pattern, but a stich that I was practicing and made into the size for a dishcloth.

Im working on a waffle weaved pattern from dishcloth boutiqe…its fun ad fast!

They are really great for practicing a more difficult pattern or learning a new technique. I knit some when I was switching to knitting continental. Who really cares when you’re using them on dishes/

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I use them for wiping counters and the table mostly. For dishes I use a scrubby or dish brush.

Bleach does bleach out the color and I found that using them for scrubbing the sink with Barkeeper’s Friend wore down the yarn and I ended up with holes.

I much prefer them to sponges though because I can toss them in the laundry every day or so.

Everything everyone else said. I’m slowly thinning out my store-bought dishcloths and replacing them with knit ones. I use a totally simple pattern that knits up in 2-3 hours. They’re a great diversion in between “real” knitting.

If they get stains, I bleach them even if they are a pretty color. I can always make more.

They are really great, because they’re heavier than store bought, but not harsh enough to scratch anything. Plus, how cool is it to make your own dishcloth? Makes me smile every time I pick one up.


I would recommend the Sugar n Cream cotton for the dishcloths and/or hand towels for the kitchen. They are very absorbent and feel great to me. And I love being able to have them be so useful. I have made many of them now, given some away, and love each one of them. The colors are great and I think a good value too. Of course, Lion Brand has nice cotton too. I have used it too. I was able to get the super size Sugar n Cream at Joann’s Superstore a couple of months ago on sale, and I have been using that yarn for most of mine. But the best thing about them is that they feel so good when using them and they wash well. I wash mine in hot water and haven’t had much shrinkage at all. The solid colors work up well with so many patterns, and the multicolor yarn is nice too, but not as definitive with patterns. One more thing – I usually use size 7 needle – sometimes size 8 – just a matter of choice.



Oh, I get it. But if you’re doing a simple dishcloth with no big pattern, it’s not an issue. Thanks, that makes sense.[/quote]

some lace patterns still come out in varigated too. i made this one out of a pretty pink white and tan cotton from sugar n cream (think neapolitan ice cream) and it came out gorgeous.

All this talk of dishcloths inspired me. I made these today.

They are not blocked, but I figure, why block a dishcloth if I’m just going to use it.

Now I’m all excited to knit some dishcloths! I even had the idea to knit my girls some little potholders for their play kitchen. :happydance:

Those are pretty! If you made them out of the recommended cotton just toss them in the washer and dryer. :wink:

I love love love my knit dishclothes! I have knit a ton so far. I made a few for my house then people started asking for them after seeing me use them . They knit up so quickly and a agreat way to test new patterns without spending a lot of money. I recently made a collection of 7 and included it in a bridal shower gift basket with some dishsoap and gloves etc. The theme of the shower was something for the kitchen.
I belong to a yahoo group calledmonthly dishcloth KAL they have 2 mystery clothes every month. Check it out!
Here are a couple I have knitted in the last month or so in between other projects They all look a little wonky :oops: I think it was the angle I was taking the pictures from:
Two way dishcloth

Well, I started making knitted washcloths a few months ago out of necessity, as I hate the ones you get in the store, but I never thought to use them as practice for learning new stitches…I will have to start again! Thanks for the suggestion!


we use ours!! cotton. I have one done that has a button that you hang off the drawer pull that DD uses to dry her hands. I have several I use as hotpads and for wiping water off the counter etc. and a few that match the kitchen are just for lookin’ pretty…

:cheering: I just joined!

I’ve been told that lace patterns are especially good because the textured surface scrubs well but because of the holes they dry incredibly fast. By the way, with sponges and dish-scrubbing brushes, it’s a really good idea to microwave them for two minutes every now and then. You know that wet smell they get after a while?.. doesn’t even begin to express the numbers of bacteria living on them.
Oh, and if you’re really fussy… washing machines become contaminated with bacteria whose origin you don’t want to know, from towels and knickers (undies for you Americans), and if you then wash something in it, you can find the same bacteria on the washed item after! So run an empty cycle with bleach whenever you think it’s appropriate. ew.


HollyP- :thumbsup: Thanks for the link to the Yahoo Monthly KAL! It’s great, I joined. Some neat patterns…now, where do start, lol.

I love using mine…and since I’m a newbie knitter and need the practice <LOL> there will be lots of them in my future! I’m amazed at the number of patterns, so it looks like I’ll never run out of new ideas! Now if I could just get up the nerve (and expertise) to branch out into something else! :teehee:

I use mine all the time! We like them better than store bought and it is just really fun to make such a useful item.

I belong to Monthly Dishcloths too and it is fun to do the few rows a day and come out with a surprise.

Thanks for the link to the dishcloth KAL! What a fun idea. And definately good for working different stitches—something I need :thumbsup:

I also just joined! Whew! It looks like I am going to be very busy knitting dishcloths for a looonnnggg time! xxx :woohoo: