Knitted Dickey

Have any of you knitted a dickey (not a neck warmer) and if so, can you point me to any good free patterns?

what is a dickey if not a neckwarmer?

A dickey will warm your neck but it would fit down into and inside your outer garment. Think of a turtleneck shirt minus sleeves and lower body.

Here is a free one. I haven’t tried it, but it’s going to be a next-on-the-needles project with all of this below-zero weather we’ve been having!

Here’s another free one I found too. This customizes the pattern based upon what type of yarn you’re using, as well as the measurements you provide.

Thank you . This should work very well.
After I posted my request, I thought to Google for it and found a couple others also that are nice. I love that the site does the math for you.