Knitted Dachshund Toy

This is a knitted Dachshund from “Knit Your Own Dog,” a book a friend bought for me.

I just used some leftover sock yarn, figuring I’d try the Dachshund since it would be easily recognizable even if he was done in multicolor yarn and not in true dog colors!

The knitting wasn’t bad, but the sewing up was awful. My guy came out a bit crooked as you can see in the belly picture. All my non-knitting friends seem to love him but I get annoyed when things don’t turn out perfectly!

The book is really cute, but right now I don’t have plans to make any more of them. The one good thing about this project was that it was small - perfect for traveling or plane knitting.

That’s so cute!!

Wiener dog? Stocking dog? Wiener-stocking dog?
That’s cute!

Well, very cute and already guarding your calculator. What a dog!

He is so cute

I hate the sewing part, too, which is why I have a very cute bear all crocheted up and stuffed and still lying around in pieces (thankfully, very small pieces, so he doesn’t take up much room).

At any rate, your dog is adorable–even with his not quite straight legs. If you leave him standing up, no one will notice.


Cute doggie and I agree with Salmonmac – we should overlook his shortcomings because of the great service :slight_smile:

I would knit toys but the sewing is off putting. Congrats on finishing it!

What a cutie! :muah:

If you’d experienced the rampant calculator stealing that goes on where I work, you’d know how valuable this calculator-guarding dog will be! :slight_smile: That’s why my initials are on mine - when someone swipes it I can catch them! :mrgreen:

Now you need to knit a hot dog bun so you can have an in-bread dog.

Such a cute doggie!! I totally agree on sewing–least favorite part. I make most things one piece to avoid it.

ADORABLE! Something like this would make a great pin cushion, too! The fact that he sits so low to the table top would make him very convenient to hold pins, yarn needles, cable needles, skinny dpn’s, etc!

Oh ArtLady, how could you put pins in poor little wienerdog! :teehee:

I offered him to my friend (who bought me the book) as a gift for her daughter, who is 2. I wasn’t sure if he would be appropriate. She loves the little dog and said it would be fine. :happydance:

Adorable!..and I believe that crookedness in stuffed animals only adds to their unique appeal.

One year when I was wintery-depressed, I started to make sewn wiener dogs, ended up completing twelve of them. My then 18-year old daughter told me that she was seriously worried about me, when, every other day she’d come home from school and there would be a new stuffed dog. I made each in a different colored tartan, and called them “Scottie dogs”.

Every one of her friends loved these, and I ended up giving them all away! I am sure there are twelve people out there still enjoying those cuties.

and OMG, Grumpy Grandma - is that a real dog in your house? Toooooo cute!

and OMG, Grumpy Grandma - is that a real dog in your house? Toooooo cute!
– no, it’s a picture I found on Facebook. My sense of humor is weird. I thought it was tooooo cute tooooo. :mrgreen:

Well GrGrandma, I must have a similar ‘wierd’ sense of humour, cuz I love it! Thanks for sharing.

and the knitted wiener dog is so cute too!

Very cute! I don’t know that I’d have the patience for all that sewing … :teehee:

You’ve got to hide your calculator so no one grabs it. My favorite place to stash things at home is under the kitchen sink with the cleaning stuff. Nobody but me ever goes there.

That is great. I can’t wait until I get into those advanced things. Knit a little fire hydrant for him so then the leg looks like he is taking a tinkle.