Knitted cat

I am so frustrated! I have tried several knit patterns for a cat. Each has not worked to my satisfaction and I don’t know what to do…It is Dec 4 already and it was supposed to be a Christmas present. I started in the summer, but all the patterns just have not worked out- I am choked… I am thinking about doing the tabby pattern with varigated yarn- I have tried latte cakes and fur to make it look furry, but to no avail.

I think I just found one that I can knit fairly quick and will work!

That does look do-able. Have you worked wrap & turn short rows or would you substitute another method for short rows?
It’s certainly can be very frustrating when projects don’t turn out as we’d hoped. It’s especially so at the holidays. It might take some of the pressure off if you consider giving a card promising the finished gift a bit later. Not a perfect solution but no one wants you to be unhappy and stressed at this time.

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Don’t be hard on yourself, some mistakes will simply become part of your unique, never to be duplicated creation.

I agree with salmonmac. More than once I’ve gotten a ‘promissory note’ for a finished item. My former MIL was well known for them. I’ve issued a few myself. I told my daughter I was making her something, her daughter asked me about it not being a surprise. I said the surprise will be if I finish it on time. I got a funny look but I think since she started sewing and crocheting she understands now. Made with love for someone you love is more important than perfection too.

If you need something fast and furious, you could try a pattern such as this one. I’ve made several, one by request for my grandson. None of the ones I’ve made were exactly to pattern. If your new selection is taking too long you could make a simpler one with the promise of another, later. I’m sure whatever you have to give on the knitted cat front will be appreciated and accepted with gratitude.

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I’ve also made Beans the cat in the past, he’s very quick and easy to do.

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Kitties like Beans the Cat are fun to make.

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I gave up! After 4 (or was it 5?) patterns, and several frogs and start overs, I gave my husband the leg of the cat I had made, and a cat collar- * which I made him open first, then I gave him this (I was shocked at the price on Amazon, but I got a good deal off Facebook Marketplace!)


Some of our residents have had those cats, they’re very sweet I think (but yes, expensive!).