Knitted Cat

The cat is coming along nicely! BUT… well, I was wondering, in the instructions about putting it together, it says that you sew the tummy part to the already sewn body- but this doesn’t make sense to me- I think it would make more sense to sew the side seams to the tummy instead- will that make it too big? On the other hand, that changes the next few steps of the pattern, because at the end of the body, you are supposed to break the yarn and thread through remaining stitches…“Using a strand of yarn gather through cast on edge. Sew body seam and stuff lightly.” So how would I sew this together properly if I did it my way?
Also, I think instead of doing the legs on flat needles, I am going to do the pinhole cast on and knit in the round (probably on dpns)
Sew cast on edge of head to cast off edge
of body and sew head and body together
round neck edge. Placing tummy over the
central body seam approximately 5.5cm,
(2¼in), from cast on edge of body and sew
in position. Placing tail 4cm, (1½in), from
cast on edge of body sew in position.”

When it comes time to assemble, it helps me to pin the seams together to make sure it’ll all work. That way I can see where the seams align and the parts go together. You might try doing that to see if your way of placing the tummy will work or if there is another reason for the patterns placement over the body seam (that does appear bulky).
There are a couple of complaints on Ravelry about the directions for putting this pattern together.

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Thanks- I went back and read that- but I also noticed that the ears on everyone else’s cats look like bear ears- I think I might sew in some pipe cleaners to make them more triangular. I think I can do the tummy and body assembly the way I was intending instead of the pattern way- I think it would be easier. (I am going to sew the side seams of the body and tummy, and just stuff the middle.

That sounds fine. I notice that at least one of the knitters on Ravelry adapted the pattern to make it more catlike in the face. I like the idea of pipe cleaners to shape the ears.

I think I understand why you were supposed to knit the seam of the body and the tummy piece over top. I sewed the tummy piece to the edges of the body, and it looks like a turtle! I hope once I have the head, legs and tail on, it will look like a cat!

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Definitely think that’ll help. Please post a photo when you’ve solved the mystery assembly.

I quit! After spending a lot of time, I ran out of the yarn (it was discontinued) but not only that, I just couldn’t think of how I would assemble it without it looking a mess! I am finding a better pattern- I have found a few other patterns, and I am going to try those. I am not even going to try to salvage the other one!

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That’s so frustrating and disappointing. There’s at least one other project on Ravelry with similar complaints.
I’ve had to abandon projects and found that the next project or the reuse of the yarn made me much happier. Sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do.