knitted cast-on problem

Hi knitters,

I’ve been using the long-tail cast-on, which I find quick and easy, but I want to find another method where I don’t have to calculate the yarn I need. I’ve tried the knitted-cast on. It’s easy enough, but there’s something really strange: when I start to knit the first row, I see that the stitches look strange. They don’t look like they’re mounted on there correctly. Normally each stitch should have a little bump, but in this case they don’t. What could be wrong? I’ve also tried a cable-cast on, and then it works fine.

Can anyone help me figure this out?

(Edited to add: I noticed that the the knitted cast-on doesn’t look as neat as the other methods either. It has a kind of twisted appearance with gaping holes. I see this from my work but also from photos.)

Are you working the knit cast on this way?

It should leave the sts mounted correctly.Maybe it would help to post of photo of the edge you are getting.
There are so many good cast ons from which to choose. The cable cast on certainly creates a nice edge and a tubular cast on creates a lovely organic edge.

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You can use two skeins or both the inside and outside of a skein to do long tail then you never have to run out of yarn. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’d never heard of it before! I’m definitely going to try this, then I can keep using the long-tail cast-on method!

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Oh good! It’s great for those really long cast ons especially, but can be used anytime. I’m pretty good at figuring out how much to use for a hat with worsted weight, but longer than that and it gets iffy. lol