Knitted car

ive been kniting jean greenhowe type clowns for sometime and now someone has asked me to knit one either sitting in a car or standing buy one
Havent a clue where to start on the car and cant find a pattern anywhere.
any ideas please.

Oh, man, what an assignment! :eyes: I’ve never seen a knit car that I can remember. Here is a link to apolice car tea cosy. It does have some of the shaping you may need and may be a bit of help. If I find anything else I’ll post it. Good luck. How big are you making this?

I found this free pattern… not sure if you can crochet but it may give you a picture of what you may want and if you play with the size of this applique and make it 3d??

the clowns i do are usually about 20 inches tall so something on the same scale.seems like an impossible task but really dont want to disapoint the person who asked me to do it