Knitted Bracelets

I’ve been hearing alot about knitted bracelets being so popular…have any of you seen any patterns for them?


I haven’t seen much for knitted bracelets per se (but I’m new so I haven’t seen very much! :wink: ), but I did see & save one cool pattern for a small, lacy-looking wrist cuff that looks like a wide bracelet. It’s got eyelets in the middle so you can string colorful ribbons through it to make it more dressy. The pattern is here.

I’m also interested to see what bracelet patterns other people post! :smiley:


Also check out the DIY Network site Knitty Gritty had a teen knits episode and they had bracelets that were soooo cute!!! :smiley:

I’ll check them all out…and may try my hand at one when I finish with my handbag fetish!!

ive been haivng fun knttign braclets of late (you can see them on my blog- they are for a kit for a store, but ill let you know once they are done.

i really like braclets- they are handy to try new stitches, techinques, needles, or yarns (especially luxury yarns like angora, silk, alpaca, handspun, or soemthing you wouldnt normally try sicne it takes so little). they are also a good way to practice making button holes.

I think you have to buy the book to get the pattern, but how cute are these??

I want to make some…But it doesn’t look very easy!

bead knitting is pretty cool. the boo “pearls on the pulse”* explains it pretty well and has some awesoem patterns

*thats the translation of the title, since the book is actually in norw. i think, but it comes with a little insert with the english trandlation.