Knitted Basket - using a GAP bags

Yes I used the Blue and white GAP bags which I accumulated over the years of shopping to make a basket for my knitting.
I cut the bag into strips and used the strips to knit with.


Very clever! I’ve wondered about using plastic bag strips too, but couldn’t think of what to make - what a great idea! :happydance:

That’s very clever and looks great! I can’t imagine the size bag I’d need to hold all my yarn though! :shock:

Talk about ingenuity!
ok How wide were the strips? Did you think of doing this yourself? How many bags do you think (approximately) it took? Did you make up the pattern, if not do you have a link? It’s awful cute. Is it sturdy?

I think you should call the bag…‘The Ultimate Recycler’


:smiley: Love your bag…very ingenious :thumbsup:
IP, you can find a pattern & some info on using plastic strips here.

VERY cool. I love it![color=darkred][/color]

Thank you Rebecca. I never would have thought of cutting the strips around and around like peeling an apple. :smiley:

I love that! I made a small bag to carry my WIP’s with me using grocery bags and white yarn. I found instructions for cutting the bags HERE

What a great idea!

Way too [size=7][color=red]COOL[/color][/size] !!!

Great job! :thumbsup:

I have soooo many plastic bags you would not believe it - I’m going to do this too - Great idea :thumbsup:

I attended a knitting get-together this week, and one of the things they talked about was “recycled knitting”- there was a bag there made of Wal-mart bags! I tried doing a little bit of it after I got home, and found it suprisingly difficult. I think I just wasn’t patient enough. What size needles did you use?

I used size 11’s on my bag.

People who recycle are cool!! That’s an awesome idea!

That is really neat – what a clever idea!