Knitted bag problem: please help me!

i just finished knitting a blue rectangular bag, i stitched the sides up already.But when i put stuff inside, the bag begins to stretch, what can i do to prevent the stretching from happening?

Put a lining in it, or felt it if it’s wool.


Maybe the bag could do with some stiffening at the bottom to give it more support. Try these two links (you’ll have to scroll down a little ways)

Problem with knitted bags sometimes is that they don’t take kindly to toting much weight and tend to give and stretch.

Hope you can fix it.

I just recently made a knitted tote bag/large purse for my mother for her birthday. I finished it by making a lining out of black felt. The thickness of the felt gave the purse a better shape and keeps it from distorting/stretching.

Hope this helps,

awww, thank you everyone for your help

thanks for the links

i think i can fix my bag noe, after i take a look on how to do a lining

i was wondering, can i sew in the lining with a sewing machine, even though i already sew the sides up?

You could, but I think you might find it easier and faster to do it by hand.

With the sewing machine you have to be sure that your stitch length and tension are exactly right so the knitting doesn’t pucker. It’s also a good idea to use a “walking” foot to keep the presser foot from catching in the stitches. You really should practice on a swatch to see how the stitching looks. And, unless the yarn is very thick and fuzzy, you’ll see the line of machine stitching.

Sewing in the lining by hand is no big deal. You only have to attach it around the top of the bag and you can do that invisibly by alternately picking up stitches from the bag fabric and the lining. Pin it in place first and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.