Knitted apple jacket

This is not a pattern but it would not be very hard to figure out. They’re charging $18.50 for these things and they sold out :oo:. Here is the link

Not too long ago someone had this pattern on their website and I saw it and thought…NAW. That’s just stuuuuuuupid.

Wish I would’ve made a copy then…I can’t find it now. They would be great to make and sell.


Wow…I guess the key to success is to get mentioned in the New York Times! They say marketing is everything.
(I still wouldn’t buy one)

Not exactly the same but there is an apple cosy on this webpage:

Apple Cosy

And this is a roving felted ball that she later used as an apple cosy:

Felted Apple Cosy

I remember seeing the pattern that now is being sold all over etsy and e-bay not long ago as well. Although I was remembering it as a pear jacket. Maybe the designer got upset at people using her pattern for profit.

Just one question.


Found another one: Apple Jacket

And to answer Mason’s question: So your apple doesn’t get bruised when you put it in your purse. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

I SO want that.
I too keep thinking it should be easy to figure out if you know what you’re doing, but sadly I still really don’t. :teehee:

and I still think the real secret reason (because the pattern people haven’t done it yet) is to make your apple look like a baseball!

plus the button is cute.

There is a book called funky knits, by Carol Meldrum and Julie Marchington. I got it once from the library. Most of the patterns are not to my taste, but there is an apple cozy pattern and a banana cozy pattern as well.
I must admit that I would never make this. But it might make a cute present for a teacher.
Oh yeah, and I just checked ravelry, and you can find a pattern if you type “apple cozy” in the pattern search.

Oh yeah, i remember just the other day i was saying to myself "my apples look so cold in the fridge there, if only there were some way that i could keep them warm."
FINALLY they are making PRACTICAL knitting patterns that I can actually use…sarcasm
Okay, maybe i just don’t get it, but I would never make that.

ok, i’ll admit I want one - I always throw an apple into whatever bag I’ve got and by the time I’m ready to eat it, it’s all bruised and mushy.

Ok, I might try to knit one… I’m a teacher and I have many teacher friends… and they’d be a cute gift. Now, I’m not sure if they’d use one or not?

But, if it works- I might use it-- since, I don’t like bruised apples.

I saw those a while back on another forum and everyone was making fun of them. I have to admit though that it would keep your apple from getting dirty at the bottom of your bag. Not worth $18 though…better to figure it out and make one.