Knitted Afgan by Vanna

Just getting ready to order yarn for an afgan designed by Vanna White with the Vanna’s choice yarn. I just wanted to see what everyone elses opinion was of this yarn…
And the pattern mentions using size 9’s but it doesnt say anything about using circular needles…I should tho, right?

Yes, you’ll probably need the extra length to hold the sts on, unless this pattern is knit in strips that are sewn together. Some people like the yarn, some don’t. I haven’t used it, but it feels very nice in the skein.

Thanks Sue! Just realized that Jo-Ann’s is having a huge sale for Pres. Day!

I have been knitting a log cabin blanket with Vanna’s yarn and have loved knitting with it. It feels great, knits up well and the colors are wonderful! It has become one of my favorites! Hope you enjoy it too.

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