Knitscene pattern question

I just started knitting and this is my first project with a full on pattern. I am doing the Champlain cap from the Knitscene Summer 2011 issue and I am confused by this one thing in the pattern. I am working on the crown on straight needles according to the pattern then this:

“Next Row: (RS) K26 wrap next st, turn; knit to end of wrong side row”

What does that even mean? It the wrapping the stitch that is throwing me. Can anyone help?

The pattern starts with a CO of 40 stitches. Knit 2 rows then the confusing part.

It’s sometimes called ‘wrap and turn’ and is done for short row shaping. You will knit 26, bring the yarn to front, slip the next st, and turn as if you’re at the end of the row. Then knit back over the wrapped st and the 26 sts. There’s a video for ‘short rows’ on the Tips page, and pictures in this article. It should also explain how to wrap either in the pattern, or the magazine’s stitch glossary/explanations.