Knits in warm weather?

Hi all!!

My best friend (a boy) relocated to Florida for school, and has always begged me to knit him something… :slight_smile:

Now that he’s in Florida, I feel like it would be a waste to knit him a sweater or a scarf, so I was wondering if anyone who lives in the Southern states could give me ideas?? :knitting:

Thanks in advance! <3

Does he play golf or tennis? Golf club covers are fun to knit and tennis vests are worn in the southern states, too. If he has a dog, you could knit a dog bed or blanket.

What part of Florida? It can get pretty cold in Florida, also…maybe not as cold as in other parts of the U.S., but there are some pretty cold nights and cool days. Unless he’s down around Miami or the Keys, he may still see some cool weather every once in a while. Florida has lost their citrus crop many times because of ice/frost during the night. So…he may not be able to wear a heavy wool scarf or hat very much, but when he needs it, it would be very much appreciated, I’m sure. I say make him something warm just in case. No matter what…your thoughtfulness would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

He lives in Daytona, and I think the coldest it was last year was around 50! :roflhard: I might just knit him a hat; he has a crew cut. Thanks!

Hat and mittens would be good. Only 50??? I live farther south on the Gulf Coast and we had a few nights in the 30’s. If he does any tent camping both would work out great.

Socks are great too - if he wears shoes. Flip Flops are a way of life down here.

Or try a lightweight cardigan.


How about juggling balls or a hackeysack? DS is 18 and he has almost always had a bucket of small balls though he mostly uses them to play catch inside.

Marilyn, YOU MADE MY DAY! Juggling balls! What a TERRIFIC IDEA! I’m gonna make them for our son for Christmas. Thank you.:woot: :happydance: :woohoo:
(Sorry–didn’t mean to interrupt.)

You could do a felted messanger bag for a computer, a cotton vest, a cap with brim, a felted lunchbag, lightweight socks, a tie, a lightweight hoodie, a mug cozy or coffee sleeve, Christmas stocking, etc.

What is his age or hobbies?