Knitring sweatter in round. How to add the arms?

I am knitting a jumper. It has been knitted in the round so there are no holes for the arms.

I am told I need to sew around where the hole should be with a sewing machine and then cut the hole out?

Then I hand sew the arm in?

I am a beginner st sewing on machine and knitting so what’s to easiest and safest way to do this?

You’re describing a steek. It’s a way of cutting your knitting for a seam or opening. I’ve done this by machine and by hand but actually prefer hand sewing. I also like to then hand seam the sleeve edges into the armholes.
This is a nice video for steeking. She uses hand stitching which I find stretchier and easier to control.

Is your sweater knit with wool? Which pattern are you following?

Thank you for the info. Im knitring in wool. I just need the most fool proff way to do it. Ive been working on this project for over a year. I’d be devastated if it got caught in a sewing machine and got ruined.

Here is the translation from google. It’s originally in Norwegian. It’s a full body suit for a 2yo. Just sewing the arms is the same as a jumper.

It does seem a bit daring to me to take a scissors to my knitting but it does work out. There are more videos out there for steeking but the KP one seemed clear and detailed.
I’d stay away from the sewing machine for this. Too easy to get floats caught. I tried to make sure that some sewing sts went into the yarn strands as much as possible but it all seemed to hold without pulling out and unraveling.
Enjoy finishing up.
Even though this is a Google translation, best to edit your post and remove the pattern. We can run into copyright problems otherwise.

Thanks again. Deleted the pattern :slight_smile:

I went for it and used My sewing machine and it all turned out fine!

Can i also sew the shoulders and the arms to the body with my machine? Or do those need to be by hand?

I’m so glad that it worked out! Post a photo when you finish if you’d like. We’d love to see the sweater.

You could use the machine. It’ll take out some of the stretchiness of the knitting and put a firmer edge on the seam but basically, it’s up to you… Do the sleeves have a facing on the armhole edge or do then just end at the bind off?

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Will do.

The sleeves just have a bind off edge. The sleeve hole has nothing now. Do I need to make an edge for it?

No, no need for an edge. That was more curiosity on my part. I made a child’s sweater with steeks at the armholes and it had a nice reverse stockinette edge at the ends of the sleeves (about 1/2 inch). When you set the sleeves in, the reverse stockinette flipped over and covered the steeks.

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