Knitqueen can you help me one more time with the Raglan sleeve?
First question is, if my needles are long enough to hold all of the sts, is it necessary for me to use circular needles?
Next question: After I place all sts on the needle, my instructions say: [B]DEC ROW (RS)[/B] [COLOR=“Red”][/COLOR]k to within 2 sts of next marker, k2tog tbl, slip marker, ktog; rep from [COLOR=“Red”][/COLOR] across all markers, k to end - 8 sts dec. [B]NEXT ROW (WS)[/B] - Purl. Rep the [COLOR=“Red”]last 2 rows[/COLOR] 12 times more - 63 sts. AT SAME TIME, when armhole measures 2 1/2", shape neck as foll: Cont with raglan shaping, after working first 4 sts at beg of next 2 rows, place them on holders, then dec 1 st at beg & end of every RS row (neck edges) 2 times. On last WS row, p2tog before & after each marker. Slip rem 43 sts on holder.
[COLOR=“Blue”]When I do the dec rows[/COLOR], aren’t my fronts, back & sleeves supposed to be closing together? If so, I am doing something wrong because they are not being closed.
Also, I am assuming on the [COLOR=“Red”]NEXT ROW[/COLOR] where it says Purl. Rep the last 2 rows … it means to repeat the [COLOR=“Blue”]DEC ROW & NEXT ROW[/COLOR]>:muah:

If you have all of the sleeve stitches and the back and front stitches combined, I would be surprised if they would all fit on a straight knitting needle. Is that what you’re asking? A circular needle holds so many more stitches and makes things more comfortable on your wrists and arms when knitting, so I would highly recommend it. Also, the circumference of an entire sweater is obviously round in shape, not flat, so in that way it makes more sense to me to knit it on a circular needle.

Now, I’m not sure what you mean by the sleeves, front and back “closing together”. Could you clarify that part please?

And yes, for the “rep the last 2 rows 12 times more” it means the decrease row AND the following purl row. You will know you’ve done enough rows once you reach the proper stitch count, which after this section of instruction should be 63sts according to your pattern.